English Menu


House Bread

stone oven baked focaccia served with 3 dips


Goat Mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms filled with goat cheese, spinach, purple onion and mozzarella, lying on a bed of yogurt



colorful cherry tomatoes, baby mozzarella, basil, olive oil and reduced balsamic vinegar


Sticky Mozzarella

mozzarella fingers coated with crispy panko followed by sweet chili sauce on the side


Artichoke Bruschetta

bruschetta spread with olive oil, mushrooms duxelle, artichoke slices, parmesan slices and truffles oil


Tomato bruschetta

bruschetta spread with olive oil, spicy tomatoes basket and baby mozzarella


Burned Aubergine with Labneh/ Tahini

Aubergine burned on fire served with labneh, olive oil, grated feta cheese and grated tomatoes/ tahini. Served with bread


Aubeergine Schnitzel

panko coated aubergine slices served with three dips


Goat Cheese Bruschetta

buttered bruschetta seasoned with cranberries and nuts, goat cheese and red wine soaked pea


Soup of the day

ask your waiter



served with bread

Athens Salad

various tomatoes, purple onion, cucumber, red bell pepper, artichoke hearts, Kalamata olives and feta cheese seasoned with olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon


Halloumi Morning

fresh leaves mix, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, purple onion, walnuts, vinaigrette sauce and burnt Halloumi cheese


Caesar Bokeria

lettuce hearts with Caesar dressing, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese, croutons and sunny side up egg on top


A La Romana Salad

chopped lettuce hearts, artichoke, crumbled goat cheese, freshly squeezed lemon juice and a red wine cooked pear


Middle Eastern Salad

tomatoes, cucumbers and onions chopped with parsley, chickpeas, boiled egg, tahini, labneh and sumac


Nicoise Bokeria

fresh lettuce, cherry tomatoes, purple onion, Kalamata olives, potatoes, green beans, boiled egg and tuna


Heath salad

quinoa, roasted peppers, purple onion, parsley, mint leaves, sweet potato, nuts, cranberries and feta cheese



Served with bread and salad of your choise (green/ chopped)

Israeli Shakshuka

cooked tomatoes home sauce with two eggs and parsley on top


Country side shakshuka

cooked tomatoes home sauce, roasted aubergine fillet, garlic confit, goat cheese, two eggs and parsley


French Shakshuka

grilled Hallah bread with cream sauce on top followed by spinach, mushrooms, and two poached eggs


Oriental Shakshuka

cooked tomatoes home sauce, chickpeas, two eggs, tahini and parsley


H’raime Shakshuka

cooked tomatoes home sauce with fish fillet. Spicy chili, two eggs and parsley


Italian Shakshuka

cooked tomatoes home sauce with Kalamata olives, mozzarella, two eggs and parsley


Balkan Shakshuka

cooked tomatoes home sauce with diced aubergine, feta, two eggs and parsley


Classic Morning

Served with salad of your choice (green/ chopped)


(single/double)- changing dip verity, chopped salad, two eggs of your choice, two glasses of hot/cold/ one of each drinks and muesli for dessert


Comfort Morning

our home dough calzone filled with cream sauce, spinach, various cheeses and an egg


Krok madam

roasted kasten bread toped with various cheeses, garlic confit, béchamel sauce on top and sunny side up egg


New York Bagel

New York bagel with cream cheese, home smoked salmon purple onion and capers


Eggs Benedict

butter buns, cream & spinach sauce, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce on top (add smoked salmon- 10nis.)


Salmon Croissant

butter pastry with cream cheese, spinach, smoked salmon and poached egg


Turkish Morning

our home burrekas filled with various cheeses followed by chopped salad, boiled egg, grated tomatoes, skhug (Yemen hot sauce), pickles and olives


Croissant Benedict

butter croissant with cream & spinach sauce, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce on top. (add smoked salmon- 10nis.)


American Morning

home fries in butter chili sauce, mozzarella sticks and sunny side up egg


Vegan Morning

various vegan spreads, followed by chickpeas omelet with onion, mushrooms and herbs. Fruit salad for dessert


Sweet morning

Bokeria French Toast

kasten bread slices followed by a fresh fruit salad, vanilla ice cream and maple syrup


Bokeria Pancake

followed by vanilla ice cream, fruit salad and sauce of your choice



granola followed by fresh fruit salad, 4% fat yogurt and dates honey


From Italy

Bokeria Pizza

our home dough and tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and one topping of your choice (first topping is free, extra toppings: Kalamata olives, mushrooms, onion, feta- 5nis. Goat cheese- 7nis.)


Caesar Pizza

our home dough with Caesar sauce & oven baked parmesan and fresh Caesar salad on top


Bianca Pizza

our home dough with cream and mushroom sauce, spinach and purple onion baked in stone oven


Chestnuts/ Rose Gnocchi

three colors potato gnocchi in aromatic stock of butter, cream and chestnuts (gluten free available)


Bokeria pasta (spaghetti/ penne)

(gluten free/ whole wheat optional) cream & pesto/ alfredo/ aglio olio with artichoke/ rose/ sweet potato & cream/ Pomodoro


Cheese/ Rose risotto

Arborio rice, cream sauce, spinach, mushrooms & purple onion (add smoked salmon 10nis.)


Mac & cheese

pasta with cream sauce and a cheese mountain baked in the oven


Kids Dishes

(until 10 years old) Served with juice of your choice

Kids Pizza



Kids Pasta

sauce of your choice (cream/ tomatoes/ rose)


Childhood omelet

served with sliced vegies, bread and cream cheese


The good ole times toast

white kasten filled with cheese, followed by sliced vegies


Kids French toast

kasten slices followed by fresh fruit salad, vanilla ice cream and maple syrup


Kids pancake

maple/ chocolate served with fresh fruit salad and vanilla ice cream


From the sea

Bokeria Salmon

salmon fillet lies on top of sizzled green beans, tomatoes and purple onion


Fish & Chips

fish fillet in panko crust followed by French fries


Sandwiches (half/ full)

Served with salad of your choise

Balkan Club Sandwich

white kasten bread served with olives & tomatoes tapenade, bell peppers, roasted aubergine and feta cheese


Omelet Club Sandwich

white kasten bread, cream cheese, lettuce, purple onion, tomatoes cucumber and herbs omelet


Portobello Burger

burger bun with chili aioli, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onion and a roasted Portobello mushroom. Served with fries. ( 5 nis Toppings: fried onion, mushrooms, gouda cheese, sunny side up egg)


Halloumi Burger

burger bun with chili aioli, lettuce, onion, tomatoes, pickles and roasted halloumi cheese. Served with fries. ( 5 nis Toppings: fried onion, mushrooms, gouda cheese, sunny side up egg)


Sabih Bokeria

frena bread filled with tahini, spicy arisa sauce, aubergine schnitzel, boiled egg and potato



Soft drinks

Coka Cola/ Zero/ D. coke/Sprite/ D. sprite




Apple flavored mineral water


Malt Beer/Fuse Tea


Grapes/ Apple juice


Lemonade/ Orange Juice


Freshly Squeezed orange/carrot/apple


Red grapefruit


ferrarelle 750cc


Homemade ice tea


Hot drinks

Espresso (short/ long)


Macchiato (short/ long)


Double espresso (shot/ long)


Double macchiato (short/ long)


Cappuccino/ Americano


Big Cappuccino


Black coffee


Hot Cider


Hot/ Cold Sangria


Tea Infusions- (lime & lemon verbena/ earl grey/ berries/ chi masala)


Cold Chocolate/coffee